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(translated from Greek)

taken from SEMEDIC 'zine

issue 0651 | June 1992

Panic Machine (Ioannina, GR) were formed during the summer of 1990 by Alexis Tzimogiannis (drums) and Michalis Koilakos (vocals, guitar) also members at the same time of Το Ψυγείο-Ψυγείο.


They disbanded in 1992 leaving behind Releases Of Enclosed Energy tape and quite a reputation for their highy energetic gigs...


Farewell Forever compiles all the tracks of Releases Of Enclosed Energy session plus some previously unreleased live material

  • Panic Machine could be perceived as an attempt to depict society’s current state always in conjunction with the human feelings/reactions towards this…


  • Modern world is so inclined to technology - factories, cars, computers and so on... Machines are literally everywhere and panic could be easily a response to this reality…


  • Our music is almost a reflection of all that and as you can guess even by just reading our song titles in a quite humorous way


  • Our songs are of great intensity, deriving mainly from the vigorous drums and the mannerisms of the guitar sound. We emphasize on the rhythm of each track trying to come up with something as unique as possible. One of the main characteristics is the unpredictable development - we do try hard so the listener don't know what to expect….


  • Being only two make us more versatile and not only compositionally but also performance/gig-wise. What we actually do is what the title of our tape (Releases Of Enclosed energy) suggests: projecting all this energy that is trapped inside us - something obvious, we reckon, to anyone who has been to any of our gigs. So we try, in a way, to encourage every one who do happen to listen to us...


  • It might have been even better if we recorded in a proper studio or on a 4-track or even if we had taken advantage of any kind of sound processing but on the other hand Panic Machine are primarily and fundamentally a live group. After all playing gigs is the reason we formed this band and that’s exactly what we wanted to capture on tape: the unrefined sound and the intensity of Panic Machine on stage…


  • There’s too many artists out there we do really like – Butthole Surfers, Birthday Party, Sonic Youth, Rapeman, Alex Harvey to name but a few… And although some of these influences can be quite evident in our sound we strongly believe that we -just like all the aforementioned- have our very own distinctive personality. Sure, we’re honoured and it can be nothing but a compliment if people put us next to artists we really value and admire – it means we achieve something important ...





GAB TAPE X651 / CD 002 / FDD 002 | 2015















TAPE ( given with SEMEDIC 'zine )

ΓΑΒ TAPE 0651 | 1992



























artwork #MAECTPO •/\•


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